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Antioquia | Colombia | Medium Roast Coffee

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TASTING NOTES: Tobacco, Toffee, Green Apple
ROAST: Medium
COUNTRY: Colombia
FARM: Cooperativa de Caficultores de Salgar
ELEVATION:: 1830-2200 meters


Colombia stands as a leading global producer of Arabica coffee, renowned for its commitment to coffee quality. The nation has diligently cultivated its coffee industry, marked by a robust culture of innovation that has introduced new coffee varieties and processing techniques, alongside cherished classic blends. A majority of Colombia's coffee production stems from small-scale growers dispersed throughout its various coffee-rich regions.

These rural coffee producers have endured decades of low-intensity political conflicts involving paramilitary groups, guerrillas, and governmental forces. However, a pivotal peace accord ratified in 2016 marked a significant step forward in the journey toward peace and reconciliation. In the northwestern region of Colombia lies Antioquia, a department predominantly characterized by the imposing Andes mountain range.

While high-altitude regions in Antioquia experience climate conditions unsuitable for coffee cultivation due to low temperatures, other areas benefit from ideal coffee-growing environments. The department has witnessed unique challenges over the years, with the capital, Medellin, experiencing prosperity driven by tourism and various industries, while rural regions contend with adversity.

In the southwest part of Antioquia, notably in Urrao, Caicedo, and Salgar, pristine natural landscapes are abundant, boasting remarkable wildlife and flourishing wild orchids in a temperate climate. These locales are enclosed by mountainous terrain, offering optimal conditions for coffee cultivation. Members of the Cooperativa de Caficultores de Salgar not only harvest coffee during the customary May to July season but also extend their cultivation efforts into the months of December and January.

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