Try Our Suggested Brewing Methods

Brad's Aeropress Recipe w/ Prismo filter (non inverted):
Need: clean aeropress, Prismo filter, grinder, scale, timer, aeropress stir, and mug or carafe.
1) Heat water to 190°F
2) Grind 28g on medium coarse, like coarse table salt (9R on my Forte)
3) Put ground coffee into the aeropress on scale and tare
4) Start the timer, add 180g water
5) @ 30 sec: stir 12 times gently for light roast (10 stirs for medium roast, 8 stirs for dark roast)
6) Pour to 230g (slide plunger into place and pull to negative pressure if there's room)
7)  @ 2 min: plunge, retare scale, and then add 105-110g of hot water to taste