HiFi Series Finca La Montana Natural Guatemala Light Roast Bassline Coffee

HiFi Series: Finca La Montana | Guatemala | Light Roast Coffee

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TASTING NOTES: Bing Cherry, Chamomile, Almond Brittle
ROAST: Light
COUNTRY: El Palmar, Guatemala
FARM: Finca La Montana
ELEVATION: 1550-1800 meters
OPTIMAL BREW METHODS: Aeropress, Pour-Over, Chemex

HiFi Series

Our HiFi Series is a rotating limited-release that takes your coffee experience to a new level. Immerse yourself in a world of extraordinary flavor as we highlight exceptional coffees sourced from the finest microlots around the globe. Each batch is a tribute to the dedicated farmers and producers who cultivate these gems, ensuring a direct connection between you and the origin of your brew.

With care, we roast each bean to unveil the inherent qualities of the coffee. With our HiFi Series releases, every sip tells a story of craftsmanship, passion, and a commitment to excellence. Elevate your coffee ritual and savor the nuances of these unique lots, with precision and respect for the journey from farm to cup.


Antonio and his wife, Eby Aracely Samayoa, put in a lot of effort to perfect their processing methods, aiming for the best product possible. Their commitment has elevated the quality of their coffee, and you can taste the results in the cup!

Antonio and Aracely meticulously process their coffee at their mill, located at 1200 meters, slightly lower than the farm. Only the ripest red cherries are chosen and undergo a controlled 14-hour fermentation. After soaking to remove impurities, the cherries are placed on raised beds for 20 days, turned four times daily for even drying. The final step, milling, takes place at their Fraijanes dry mill, overseen by an experienced team. This special lot is uniquely Aracely's coffee, a testament to her hard work over the years, and is sorted, bagged, and prepared for export, showcasing the dedication of this exceptional woman and the outstanding results of their collaborative efforts.

Looking ahead, Antonio is interested in advancing his farming techniques. He envisions offering assistance to fellow producers in the area who may struggle with the expenses of farm inputs. His goal is to make these supplies more accessible and affordable for all producers in the region.

Bassline's AeroPress Recipe

AeroPress w/ Prismo filter (non-inverted):

Need: clean AeroPress, Prismo filter, grinder, scale, timer, AeroPress stir, and a mug or carafe.
1) Heat water to 190°F
2) Grind 28g on medium coarse, like coarse table salt (9R on a Forte)
3) Put ground coffee into the AeroPress on scale and tare
4) Start the timer, add 180g water
5) At 30 sec stir 12 times gently for light roast, 10 stirs for medium roast, 8 stirs for dark roast
6) Pour to 230g (slide plunger into place and pull to negative pressure if there's room)
7) At 2 min plunge, tare scale again, and add 105-110g of hot water to taste

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