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Decaf Lomas Altas | Guatemala | Washed Decaf Coffee

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TASTING NOTES: Malty Chocolate, Raisin, Creamy
ROAST: Medium Decaf
Washed & Swiss Water Processed
COUNTRY: Guatemala

Lomas Altas from Aldea Urrlalta in the New Oriente region

1800 masl
Drip, Kalita, Espresso

Let's talk about these Lomas Altas Decaf beans. Imported by Primavera and produced by Maria Elena Zapata. Maria works her magic in the New Oriente region of Guatemala, where water is scarce so they make sure to hustle these coffee cherries over the very day they're plucked from the trees. It's amazing how consistent these beans are, a sure sign of some top-notch cherry picking. It's a real family operation  everyone pitches in to run the farm and produce consistently fantastic lots.

This year, they went with the Swiss Water Decaffeination method, which happens in Vancouver, BC at the Swiss Water plant. Swiss Water Processing maintains a lot of the beans flavor and aromas. For this, they use pure water and green coffee extract. The extract does not contain caffeine, and by adding it to the coffee the caffeine moves to the extract in order to maintain equilibrium. The coffee is then dried, bagged, and is now 99.9% caffeine-free.

This is a really satisfying cup — don't miss out!

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