Highlighting Coffee from Indonesia

Bassline Coffee Natural Sumatra Kerinci Kersik Tuo

We love to offer a wide range of origins in our lineup year round, but for this update we wanted to highlight our offerings from Indonesia. Check out the article linked below for a write up from Coffee Review for more information on coffee from Indonesia.

Natural Bali Kintamani

Our Bali was recently reviewed by the folks over at Coffee Review and we're proud of the results! You can learn more about what makes Indonesian coffee unique in their full article. Try our Bali Kintamani yourself today!

Natural Sumatra Kerinci Kersik Tuo

Our light roast Sumatra comes from a cooperative of farmers around the Kerinci District in North Sumatra. The cooperative works closely with producers to decrease forest encroachment. Their farm management practices create a protective buffer for the Kerinci Seblat national park, which encircles the entire Kerinci valley with natural beauty and habitat for the Sumatran Tiger. Try our Sumatra Kerinci Kersik Tuo!

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